sábado, 31 de octubre de 2009

Browse Social Networking forums and start connecting experiences!

Browse our forums and start connecting experiences!

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Unveiling Connectivist Learning

The aim of this forum is to explore and discuss issues related to connectivism by sharing our own experiences, resources and discoveries. Join us.

e-moderators: Carla Raguseo (ARCALL) and Elvina Castillo (AVEALMEC)
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Communities of Practice
You may  hear educationalists use the term Community of Practice to refer to communities of practice, classes, groups, professional bodies, teams, networks, etc. as communities at some stage. But, Is there any difference among these definitions? What is a  community of practice?

e-moderators: Nelba Quintana (ARCALL) , Evelyn Izquierdo and Nahir Aparicio (AVEALMEC)
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Social Networks and ELT
This forum is aimed at the discussion on the use of Social Networks in English Language Teaching and learning, and especially focuses on the way their features can contribute such processes.
e-moderators: Maricarmen Gamero (AVEALMEC), Jennifer Verschoor  and Paula Ledesma (ARCALL)
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Second Life, Social Networks and ELT

This forum  aims at reflecting on the power of virtual world to connect with others and its potential in offering people different and more authentic experiences to learn.
e-moderators: Miguel Mendoza, Dafne Gonzalez and Evelyn Izquierdo (AVEALMEC)
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